Saturday, October 10, 2015

Heyworth Hornets hosts Gibson City Melvin Sibley (GCMS) Falcons

Well, 3 times in one season we've covered the Heyworth Hornets at home.  It was the fall of 1976 since we last did that!

The night wasn't too kind to the Hornets.  GCMS is a force to be reckoned with this year.  If they have lost a game, I couldn't tell you who beat them.  We saw them in week one against LeRoy and the story was much the same.  The crowd was a little lighter this trip to the Hornets field than it was the other 2 times.  Not sure if everyone was expecting this lopsided affair or if they just stayed home to watch the Cubs in the Division Series in St. Louis against the Cardinals for the first time in history of the MLB.

Watch the Normalite Newspapers (Heyworth Buzz), Best Look Magazine for more covered provided by Alan Look Photography - Bloomington-Normal's Best Look in Sports Action Photography.

20151009 GCMS at Heyworth football photos - Images by Alan Look
 - chimper

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