Sunday, September 27, 2015

Heyworth host Tremont for Homecoming

Friday Night September 25, the Heyworth High School Hornets hosted the Tremont Turks for the Hornets homecoming football game.  As we drove to the game, it was kind of deja vu of the 2nd week of the season when we also covered the Hornets in Heyworth at clouds started backing in from the Northeast.  The resulting sunset was nearly the same as week two - vivid brilliant colors providing back light for silhouettes of some houses and birds flying just west of the field.  The playing conditions were night and day.  The clouds cleared off to reveal a brilliant moon and there was no precipitation or lightning in the area to prevent any action on the field.

Our star of the night was the Homecoming King, Cole Sinn who seemed to have about twice as much will and fire as the next Hornet on the field.  The Queen this year was Lydia Martens.

Please look for more coverage in the Heyworth Buzz - a Normalite Newspaper, and in Best Look Magazine.  The image show below is complements of Alan Look Photography - Bloomington Normal's Best Look in Sports Action Photography.

20150925 Tremont Turks at Heyworth Hornets football photos - Images by Alan Look

 - Chimper

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