Saturday, September 5, 2015

Friday fizzled out.

The high temperatures and humidity across the mid section of the country spawned isolated storms on Friday night.  Although some rain fell in the area, the biggest problem locally for football games was the lightning.  Many area schools saw their games suspended because of the electric atmosphere.  Normal West playing in Collinsville, Normal Community and Bloomington both playing at home and Heyworth were all subject to the suspensions.  One report tells of more severe thunderstorms to the east affecting the Champaign - Urbana area, Danville and into west central Indiana.

Play did get started at the Heyworth game.  Heyworth hosted the Falcons of Flanagan, Cornell, Woodland.  The Falcons started the game kicking to the Hornets and defending the north end zone. Brandon Day accepted the kickoff for the Hornets and made a good run up the field.  He followed it shortly after moving the ball much closer to the goal.  After a too high pass to Skyler Cox in the corner of the end zone, the Hornets kept the ball on the ground with runs by Keith Hickenbottom and eventually one by Matt Schultz for the first score of 6 points. A 2 point conversion ensued on a keeper run to his right by quarterback Jacob Day.

The game suspended shortly after with the Hornets in the lead 8-0

 - Chimper

20150904 Flanagan-Cornell-Woodland Falcons at Heyworth Hornets football photos - Images by Alan Look


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