Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 high school football season arrives

Friday night August 28th was the first night for IHSA football games.  Our usually list to pick from was a little smaller this year than others as the home game schedules only had 3 playing in McLean County.  The schedules are a bit tighter this year with Lexington joining the Ridgeview/Blue Ridge partnership.  We hear it was a numbers decision associated with potential players and not a financial situation.  What ever the reason, it is good to see that those who want to play and the administrators found a way to make it happen.  The Ridgeview/Blue Ridge/Lexington team we believe is still known as the Mustangs.  They played the Fisher Bunnies at Fisher on opening night.  We hope to cover them soon.

Our pick placed us in LeRoy with the Panthers hosting the GCMS Falcons of Gibson City - Melvin - Sibley high school.  The Falcons seemed to have the edge early and I believe they won (we had to leave in the 3rd quarter for another commitment), but the Panthers held their own.  The game was 7-6 Falcons in the lead as we headed for the bus.  The announcer yelled touchdown as we were loading gear, but we didn't hear who it was.

Enjoy the photos!  Check out the Normalite, LeRoy Leader and Best Look Magazine for more images from Alan Look Photography as the issues are published.

 - Chimper -

20150828 Gibson City Melvin Sibley (GCMS) Falcons at LeRoy Panthers football photos - Images by Alan Look


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