Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fighterfighter Chris Brown Foundation Benefit Concert

Something a little different from us.  We were pleased and privileged to be able to cover the Benefit Concert held by the Chris Brown Foundation.  Chris was a Hudson and Bloomington Firefighter that was killed in the line of duty on response to a traffic accident on I39 in 2013.  The foundation was formed to help families of fallen firefighters.

The concert was held at the CornCrib Stadium the evening of September 20th.  Despite the rainy weather, the concert was able to go on.  Marc Boon and the Unknown Legends took the stage to mostly cloudy skies and played through some light rain.  Brushville later took the stage but were forced off after a few songs by a drencher.  They picked it all back up under the awing with acoustical instruments.  Maybe a bit of a change in plans, but no one seemed too disappointed.

The art in this gallery was produced by performing different electronic adjustments to single photos.  That too is something different for us.  We've done a little before, but not something you will see on a regular basis.

Be sure to look in the Normalite Newspaper and Best Look Magazine for more coverage.

20140920 Firefighter Chris Brown Foundation Benefit Concert - Images by Alan Look

Be sure to hit the full screen icon.  They just look better that way!

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