Saturday, September 20, 2014

Canon fires, Ridgeview - Blur Ridge mis-fires

Last night it was Ridgeview-Blue Ridge Mustangs at Tri Valley Vikings. My ears are still ringing from that canon. Thought the EMT's were going to have to defib me when that thing scared the breath out of me the first time they fired it!

It also intimidated the Mustangs.  As I was leaving the field in the 3rd quarter I think I heard the score announced at 68-14.   At the very least it was  a great fall evening with a distinct lake of precipitation - something new for this season!

Photo gallery below from Alan Look Photography, the Best Look in Sports Action photos in Bloomington - Normal and McLean County.  Look for coverage in the Normalite Newspapers and Best Look Magazine.

20140919 Ridgeview-Blue Ridge Mustangs @ Tri Valley Vikings Football Photos - Images by Alan Look

 - Chimper -

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