Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2015 NFL possible draftees that played in Bloomington Normal

Normally (no pun intended) natives and transplants alike in Bloomington Normal think that not much interesting at all happens here.  I'm in that group some of the time, but truth is I'm usually just not looking hard enough.  When I heard that IWU product John Worley made the top 20 on the NFL draft prospect list for linebackers I decided it was time to check out the whole list.  I usually do it every year, but had just been putting it off.  I was surprised when I found what seemed like a pretty long list.  Sifting through the list by university name of games I covered, I found only one or two of them that didn't have a name on the list.  I think the most was 9.

So, who played in Bloomington - Normal that may get drafted?  I didn't keep the whole list, but you can see the 21 that I have images of in the slideshow below.

2015 NFL Draft Prospects photos - Images by Alan Look

See ya on the sidelines!
 - Chimper -

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