Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 Girls IBCA All Star Game

On Saturday afternoon of June 21st, the best of the graduated senior high school girls basketball players met up and divided up as the North and the South to play one last high school game.  Many of the girls have played with or against each other most of their lives, first on travel teams and then on to organized school sports.  The action isn't always polished as they don't get to practice much together, but the camaraderie and fun is always evident with all the smiles both on and off the court.

Some of these ladies will go on with their sports careers in the collegiate arenas, others will just get on with life.  Best wishes to all of them no matter the path they take.

This Saturday afternoon, the boys will arrive at the Shirk Center in Bloomington and take part in their game.

Look for coverage in the August edition of Best Look Magazine.

2014 Girls IBCA All Stars (Illinois Basketball Coaches Association) photos - Images by Alan Look

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