Sunday, May 11, 2014

Constitution Trail turns 25!

It wasn't cutting edge 25 years ago, but not a lot of communities had a facility quite like the one being built in Bloomington Normal.  Through joint cooperation between the two cities and a series of fortunate events, a trail was built that spanned the central area of both.  The right of way held by the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad was being vacated by the railway and the cities opted to buy it.  Adding some pavement, bridges and entry points, a trail was created for walkers, runners, bicyclers and rollerbladers.  The original trail has been expanded and is still expanding since that initial project was completed.  On Saturday May 10th, several past and present dignitaries, press, users and people happening by the Connie Link Amphitheater celebrated the 25th birthday for the trail.

25th Birthday Celebration of Constitution Trail in Bloomington Normal Illinois. - Images by Alan Look

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