Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They played in Normal

Basketball season is starting to wrap up and March Madness is getting underway, so it's a bit hard to begin to think about football.  Let's think about it anyway.  The NFL Draft this year begins on May 8 and ends on the 10th.  That's under 2 months away.  It's also good to start talking about it before we all get headed outside to do all those chores and activities we haven't done since October.

Looking through our archives and the web listings of Draft Prospects, we came up with about 20 that played in Normal at Hancock Stadium.  Of course, with transfers and such we may have missed a couple.  In our archive of that near 20, we found images of 11.

Rankings can be found on the web, but the number 5 sticks in our head as the highest listed for a position that played here.  Include in listings are:  Jimmy Garoppolo, Erik Lora, Colton Underwood, Ray Agnew, Josh Aladenoye, Greg Hardin, Kurt Hess, Winston Wright, Cole Jirik, Doug Peete, Billy Turner, Tyler Starr, Marcus Williams, Brock Jensen, Kyle Bryant, Chris Elking, Shakir Bell, Taylor Gabriel, and Mycal Swaim.

Watch this show for who makes our gallery!

2014 NFL Draft Prospects photos - Images by Alan Look

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